Woodworker’s Attache Tool Case Challenge


We all complain about our tool boxes being too large, heavy or both. So the challenge is to build a small case with
hand tools.

The challenge is to test your designing, ingenuity, artistic and pre planning capabilities (Beware of the second
challenge follow up).

The objective is to build the lightest case possible with the fewest tools possible.

These are the specification for the build:
Size shall be no more than: 6” depth x 17” width x 22” length. Exterior corner protectors do not count in size.
Shall be styled as an attaché case.
Shall be all solid wood construction (no plywood).
Shall have minimum of two hinges. (Metal allowed)
Shall be lockable by key (no padlocks). (Metal allowed)
Shall be able to be latched closed (latch can be with combination lock). (Metal allowed)
Shall have a handle to carry by.
Shall have feet to stand and lay down on. Exterior corner protectors can substitute for feet. (Metal allowed)
Shall be carried with one hand at your side.


All tools used for to build case (joinery, embellishments, and etc.), and all tools necessary to make these joints:
dovetail, mortise and tenon, groove, dado, rabbet and fillister, shall fit in the case with the following exceptions:

To process wood to thickness, these tools are allowed:
Blended hand tool person: Jointer, planer or drum sander, bandsaw resaw and hand crosscut saw.
Hard core hand tool person: Jointer plane, scrub plane, winding sticks, hand rip saw and hand crosscut saw.
Cutting out the parts to width or length: Jointer plane, hand rip saw, hand crosscut saw, shooting board, miter box
with saw, and framing square.

All tools shall be nested or in separate compartments (no kaizen foam or equivalent). No cloth or other type of lining
allowed. (Can lined after judging is done.)

All cases to be put in Annual Show. Bring 8 ½ x 11 pictures (one of base and one of lid) of tools in case.

Judging: (Weigh in at Guild Thursday before Annual Show)
1. Meets specifications
2. Design
3. Joinery
4. Finish
5. Weight: with and without tools.

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