Select the type of membership you wish to Join or Renew

Regular membership

  • An individual 18 years or older.

  • Includes spouse if applicable.

  • Access to Special Interest groups at no additional charge.

  • Full use of WEC equipment based upon availability indicated on calendar.

  • Eligible to sign up for education classes.

Parent or Guardian with a Youth

  • Youth members age 13-17 years require a parent or guardian as a Guild member.

  • This membership includes payment for both the adult member and the youth.

  • The adult member retains all the benefits of a regular membership, including the spouse.

  • Youth memberships are 50% of the regular membership rate.

Student Membership

  • Discounted membership for individuals 18 years or older with proof of full time enrollment in a recognized educational facility.

  • Qualified facilities include but are not limited to High School, College, Jr. College, Trade School, and Vocational School.

  • Includes spouse if applicable.

  • Student membership is 50% of the regular membership rate.

Youth Membership

  • For individuals 13 to 17 years old.

  • If the youth's parent or guardian is already a Guild member, then this option allows for signing up the youth.

  • Youth membership is  50% of the regular membership rate.