July Update

The summer heat has not slowed down the “Over the Hill Gang” and as of mid-July, they have crafted 6768 toys for our Kids!

Back in May, we established a new relationship with the Vanderbilt Medical Center’s Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital in Nashville.  This gives us two locations in the Nashville area, including The Children’s Hospital at Tristar Centennial, and twice the number of kids we can bring smiles to!

The group has also received a request from the American Village to craft the legendary “Brown Bess” musket, the rifle used most by both American and British forces during the American War of Independence.  To date we have delivered about 20 replicas to American Village.  We continue to “fine-tune” our crafting methods to improve both the appearance and the build time of the muskets.

Watch this space in coming weeks we’re considering a Toy Maker in the Spotlight to showcase craftsmen and women of the OTHG!

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