Author Topic: Dust and Chips Management: Links from Marty Schlosser's 02-2018 Program  (Read 1162 times)

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As requested and promised, here are the resources and links from Marty's Guild Meeting Program (February 17th, 2018):

-  Bill Pentz's Cyclone and Dust Collection Research:

- Book: “Dust Control Made Simple” by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

-  Marty’s Article on Cyclone DC for Small Shop:

- Video describing making and installing a Thien separator:

- Video comparing Thien to Cyclone:

- Video on Down Draft Table:

- Build it yourself Air Purifier:

- Molding PVC piping to make your own connectors:

- Rob Cosman’s bandsaw connector:

- Locate DC & layout Duct System to limit SP

Hopefully this will become the start of a very robust "Resources" page for the Guild Members!


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