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Resources / Would like to make a donation
January 22, 2019, 09:14:32 am
Hello, my name is Keith and I'm a wood collector, read that borderline hoarder.  I've been saving piles of wood that I've cut and taken the nails out for "someday."  Someday isn't coming for me.  And if it does, I still have sources.

What I would like to do is make a large pick up size, or possibly larger donation to your facility.  I read about you in Shelby Magazine.  This is a good cause and will free lots of room in my garage.

I know you typically get wood from habitat, but where I work has experienced some unfriendly episodes from the habitat people.  So I would prefer to donate direct.

I have 1x4s, pine, yellow, white and some even pink.  Most cuts are 40 to 48 inches, some are longer.  Reading that you make pieces as small as bunny ears, some of my shorter boards may also qualify for donation.

While the 1x4s is the largest stack, I have other sizes as well.  Also have some small pieces of hard wood.

If anyone is interested, drop me a line here or shoot me an email.  I have enabled email here, but don't check it every day. 

I tried twice to send a message through the home page, but received mailbox full notifications both times.  At first, I tried from my job, and just thought my company was blocking the message, but tried from home with the same result.