Education and Classes

Please note:

  • Non-member class fees include the annual Guild membership in the cost. 

  • Liability Waivers plus Equipment Operation and Safety Training should be completed before the start of class. 

Parquetry and Marquetry session with Bill Newman - Friday, 7/28/2017 (Friday class FULL) or, Saturday,  7/29/2017 (Saturday class FULL) or, Sunday, 7/30/2017
This class will discuss veneer, general aspects of parquetry, methods of cutting veneer, and methods of assembling parquetry panels.  Each participant will begin cutting and assembling pieces for the first practice item.  Bill's approach is to have a hands-on session so that each participant will leave with the start of a basic panel that can then be used on a project of your  choice.

Most of the materials will be provided including veneer, sandpaper, grid paper, contact paper, glue, craft foam, etc.  Note: if you have some veneer that you would like to work with, please bring it. Bill will provide cherry, walnut and maple veneer to make the items from. These colors provide a good contrast for the Louis cube pattern and the star patterns.

Class session will begin at 9:00am and end at 12:00 noon. After lunch Bill will be around to demonstrate how to do sand shading and how to assemble some corner fans that are similar to the ones often used in Federal style furniture.

The class fee is $35.00 and includes the materials listed above. You may pay online via the PayPal button below or with a check or cash.
Please send an email to: if you plan to attend the class so that we may have sufficient supplies on hand.
Each person should plan on bringing the following items with them to class:

  • 30/60/90 degree drafting triangle
  • 45 degree drafting triangle
  • masking tape (the blue tape is fine)
  • Exacto knife with a number 11 blade
  • cutting mat if you have one (otherwise we will provide a piece of plywood)
  • white glue
  • favorite glue dispenser (accordion type dispenser with a hollow needle tip works well, but a small wooden stick will suffice)

Most of these items are available from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Alabama Art Supply, as well as most places where school supplies are sold.

Cost for Members $35.00


Woodworking Fundamentals Class with Ray Ziegler - 3/4/2017
Please Note: This class is not accepting new members at this time. A new class is in the planning stages for the Fall of 2017. Stay tuned!

We have been asked to do a beginner woodworking class by many members. In response to that request we are doing what we are calling a woodworking fundamentals class.  This class will certainly help beginners, but will also be of value to all woodworkers that want more information to improve the results of their projects.

This demonstration class is based on a Fine Woodworking article and video by Michael Pekovich, “Making a Table from One Board”.  We will follow his concept and expand upon it to suit our needs.  The class will include:

  • Design concepts
  • Wood selection for the parts of the project
  • Stock preparation:
    • Re-sawing
    • Getting the stock square 4 sides
    • Sticking
  • Final sizing
  • Joinery - I will be demonstrating several joinery techniques to attach the aprons to the legs including, Pocket screws, Dowels, Domino, and Mortise and Tenon.
  • Shaping Techniques:
    • Tapering Legs using the table saw, band saw, and joiner
    • Beading on the apron
    • Adding curves to the apron
  • Table top glue-up
  • Assembling the table

The class should last four sessions and will be held on the first Saturday of the month.  On the third Saturday after the Guild meeting I am having a Fundamentals Workshop for those who are taking the class.  During the workshop you can get hands-on help for anything that we covered in class or you can build a table using the techniques taught in class.  There is no extra charge for the workshop, just the cost of materials if you build a table.

Class Schedule - The Saturday classes will be from 9:00am until 3:00pm.  The Saturday Workshops will be from 12:00pm until 3:00pm.

Saturday Class                       Saturday Workshop
3/4/17                                      3/18/17
4/1/17                                      4/15/17
5/6/17                                      5/20/17
6/3/17                                      6/17/17

The fee for the class is $50. You must be a member in good standing to attend. You may pay using PayPal on the website or the first day of class. Please respond via email at with your name if you plan to take the class.